Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Exploring Paper

... into the deep end with Letitia's intense making brief: 

"Make 50 paper samples. 
  • must be 5x5cms 
  • must be white/neutral in colour only
  • should include a variety of papers (different weights, textures etc)
  • no computer generated imagery allowed
  • can use white paint
  • must experiment with texture"
Cue lots of stitching, folding, painting, binding, scratching, pricking, gluing, cutting and burning:

All this experimenting with the possibilities of paper helped out with the 10 maquettes required to accompany the growing piles of 50 samples:

Onto a "drawing with paper" task presented by tutor, Martin Fowler:

"Go find an object from outside and recreate it, using paper"

Through the week various tutors have been encouraging everyone to use their paper explorations as inspiration and a source of further work. 

Using large scale drawing and painting techniques, as well as basic lighting and photography skills, the group have been decorating the studio walls with some interesting artworks:

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